National Ladder Safety Month Brings Awareness

The goal of National Ladder Safety Month is to bring awareness to ladder safety, how to use ladders safely and how to use them according to the manufacturers.

Ladder Safety Month’s aim is to decrease the number of accidents and improve the safety and health of anyone who climbs a ladder.

The number one piece of advice from ladder safety experts is to ALWAYS inspect your ladder prior to using it.

According to the National Ladder Institute, more than 137 ladder injuries occur every day, at least 113 deaths are caused by falls each year, and the most common ladder falls occur between 6 and 10 feet off the ground.

Furthermore, the National Ladder Institute states the two most common ladder accidents include:

  1. Missing the last step when climbing down, and
  2. Overreaching

These ladder-related injuries are preventable.

One way to prevent injuries from ladders includes educating workers about the five themes of National Ladder Safety Month 2020, which include: 

  • What is Ladder Safety
  • Ladder Safety Training
  • Ladder Safety at Work
  • Ladder Safety at Home
  • Ladder Inspection and Disposal

United Tool and Fastener’s Safety Specialist, Charlie Gertson[1], can come to a workplace or jobsite to train workers on ladder safety in addition to OSHA 10 and 30, onsite fall protection and demonstration, Ramset tool training, first aid/cpr/aed and rigging/signal person training. 

To learn more about UTF’s various training options, please contact Charlie Gertson at 713.823.9016.

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